Bringing people together through music & movement.


Spirit in Harmony aims to bring the Community together through movement and music by offering wholistic wellbeing services including yoga, dance and music lessons.


What's Happening

Here you'll find all the latest news on Yoga in Narooma, Piano with Tara and West African Dance and Drum with Djembe Forte, directly from our facebook page.


West African Dance and Drum

Djembe Forte are a group of passionate musicians who love West African Drum and Dance rhythms, passing on their learning from their Master/Teacher Mohamed ‘Bangourake’ Bangoura.  


The rhythms they share represent village life.


One cannot be sad or depressed when they get involved with African drum and dance rhythms as its Music for the Soul.


Yoga in Narooma

Welcome to coming home to yourself, join me in exploring the Ancient Art known as yoga.


Piano with Tara

Welcome to your musical journey on the piano.  Learn a playing base system and find yourself knowing complete songs in your first weeks of learning.

Tara learned the piano in the traditional style before she was a teenager, however found it humiliating when at friends places with a piano and not being able to play because she didn’t have her music.  These day’s Tara has been learning the ‘Simply Music’ method of learning piano and can play anywhere without music for an hour or more with 60+ songs on her playlist.


Ready for positive change?

Welcome to your journey to health and wellness

through movement and music

Join us Online via Zoom!

We offer all our one on one and group sessions online via Zoom while we help to maintain community wellbeing, but also work to ensure we protect our communities most vulnerable.

Once COVID-19 has passed we'll resume a mixture of both Online and in-person sessions.

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